8 November 2011

Tutorial: Make Banner


 Hi, all. Today when I checking my blog especially my SHOUTMIX I saw Febby asked me to open my e-mail and I opened it. She asked me how to make banner.  It's ver easy and I know you all can do it. :) if you don't now, follow this step:
  1. Open THIS
  2. Choose the size  and and shape
  3. Choose the background, you can upload your own oro or picture. Or, you can just choose the colour.
  4. Now it's up to you. Write something there, example like, your blog name and 'CLICK TO JOIN' or.. uhmm... up to you lah :D and then, shoose the font, the size, and colour. Use your creative brain :)
  5. Choose the border it's okay if you don't want you can just skip it
  6.  Choose the effect!
  7. click 'save' in the rightest
  8. fill the link with your link
  9. Preview:
click for XL size
 last, click 'save the banner' and copy-paste the code into your blog, like this
Login > Dashboard > Design > Page Elements > Add Gadgets > html/javascript > Save :)
Okay, then, bye :)

2 komentar:

Febby Aurora mengatakan...

thankyouuu, that's so kind of you=))

Sintya Swasthi mengatakan...

@Febby Aurora:
Your welcome... :D