2 November 2011

10 Days Letter Challenge

Hi, all. Today, I found a really nice articles in Kak Lettha 's blog. It's about 10 Days Letter Challenge. I want to join that challenge!Because.. I feel very excited, and it looks like very interesting for me... :D okay, if you want to join, just join, lah. It's free, but no present at all. because it's not a CONTEST. Take the banner if you want to join:
Nyahh... this is the banner. Take it, if you want to join :) tell me in comment okay? you can re-share in your blog or website about this... everyday until 10 days, since you post this article, you have to post an entry about it. And i'll started to post the first day todayhh. And Isyaallah the secon day... tomorrow. So, what are you waiting for?! Join lah.. :)

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