1 November 2011

The Chronicles Of Narnia

Hi, all. Do you remember, uhm... The Chronicles Of Narnia? I do like it so much! But I got a late fever of Narnia's Film -_- The last film of The Chronicles Of Narnia... is The Dawn Treader. I know, that film is not-the-last of Narnians! But, uhm, yah... that's the newest film in Narnia series in my life. The last one, is The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Last Battle. And I have a SUPER GOOD NEWS! I GOT ALL OF THOSE NARNIA'S SERIES! So... NICE! I read all of it. It's super nice, but I felt like, it's little complicated to read those books. But, I'm preety sure, if you all read all of those books, you really can enjoy it!  Those books are so, SUPER!

And, I'd watch the film, The Chronicles Of Narnia first, second, and third. I'm so enjoying The Chronicles Of Narnia the third one. I really-super-excited. I'd watch those films many times in my life. I'd want to say 'Thankyou so much, to all those books and all of The Chronicles Of Narnia's film. I really super enjoyed and super excited about all of your books.' to C. S. Lewis, who write all of those The Chronicles Of Narnia Series. I'd want to show you the main characters in The Chronicles Of Narnia films. Okay, do see do read!

Main Characters:

Georgie Henley
She's so cute, and so brave. She's Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles Of Narnia Series. (1-3)
She, all the pictures of Lucy, that I found in Favim.com

This two pictures is in the first one, in The Chronicles Of Narnia. She looks so cute, right? :D
And, this one, in The Chronicles Of Narnia number 3

 It's SUPER DIFFERENT! Here, she looks so beautiful. Not cute :(
Okay, let's see the different:


Anna Popplewell
She's Susan Pevensie in The Chronicles Of Narnia 1 & 2. She's so beautiful, until make Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles Of Narnia number three want to be like her. She her photos all time is the SAME. 

Fact about me: My rabbit's name is SUSAN! :D

William Moseley
I don't have many information about him -_- just this: He's Peter Pevensie in The Chronicles Of Narnia number 1 & 2. He's the highest king in Narnia and the oldest brother in Pevensie.  See his photo:
He's the LEFT one. He looks same face with Rupert Grint from Harry Potter

Skandar Amin Casper Keynes
He's my, favourite!!!! He's Edmund Pevensie in The Chronicles Of Narnia number 1-3 with Lucy. He's so, unforgetable! XD
Skandar in The Chronicles Of Narnia number 2
In the The Chronicles Of Narnia number 1 (above) he looks so cute XD

Fact about me:  he's my rabbit's name and my cow pillow name. His born date is SAME like me. But different year :D
Characters in The Chronicles Of Narnia Number 3
 See, there's Caspian (Ben Barnes), Lucy (Georgie Henley), Edmund (Skandar Keynes) and Eustace (Will Poulter). 

P/s: You can copy my entry, but, put credits! Sorry, if my english language is broken or so bad.... -_-
Okay, I think, that's all. See you :) 

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