13 Januari 2017



After quite one year of inactivity, I decided to come back. Like, whoaa. Please forgive this nasty and lazy high schooler who spent most of her life at school, doing stuff. But I was on pinterest, and this one or two or even dozens of people had me inspired nd motivated to keep this thing going on. Some of this websites are my fuel of posting this one, brand new post. Some of them had also given greate freebies to personalize your own blog. You may like them too, and I'm also that kind type of a girl so here's some of the list:
There are plenty of more, but I suggest you to look for those cool bloggers on your own. In pinterest, there are tons and tons of inspirations and motivation to do a lot of great things. Uh, I think I really look like I fell in love with a social media isn't it.. And apparently the answer is YEAAAH.

Okay, but the thing is, I'm back. And I think this is gonna be a quite awesome comeback. Maybe. Just wait and see :) (and pray that my internet connection will be good for this week). See you!