7 Oktober 2012

You Don't Know.


I don't know what to describe, but this hilarious-elephant gif seem to attract you to this post. I don't know, but I have the feeling... lol, nevermind just forget about what I've said. Ok, don't read this sentence twice. I say don't!  Well nevermind then, I have lots of things to say. Oops apparently no. So whatsoever. 

Well, yesterday (and today too apparently) I've been worried about my precious little thing. It's really precious that you couldn't even trade it with an elephant (who also want to have elephant as their pet?  -_-). So my gold english notebook is disappear! Well, you think it's only a book, and it's useless. But I have my essay in it!!! T^T I'm so lazy to do a whole 2 pages essay and some homeworks that I did in that exercise book. For you its useless, for me? PLATINUM.

I feel like I'm cryingggg, that's my precious essay that have been written nicely and full of figurative language! MY MARKS FLEW AWAAAY :' okay well this all sad. I've been looking for it for days! But I still hope it's in my desk in my class far far away from here. I hope. I hope. I hope.

So, another experience I had last week was about bullying. You know about bullying? I know too, but it's so hard to explain. Ugh. And so last week, my friends in the canteen (not with me) sat on a table near the back door. When they're eating in peace, suddenly some 11th grader were coming towards them and shout rudely;
"Hey it's our table, and we will appreciate it so much if you want to move!"
What a shame 11th grader. I pity them. How dare they bully 7th  grader that just come to secondary for one month?! And I pity them even more because I think they forgotten about one of my friend that had sat on that table. Well, she's my principal's daughter. Whoops think we win sisters, and Alhamdulillah, this Monday the principal announced that they shouldn't bully people like that. In the canteen, the leader (of the bullies group) looked so upset, but I don't care. The important thing is grade seventh to a VICTORYY ~(^^~) lalalala.