5 Mei 2013



Hello, I'am back! *whispers* finally. And I'm hungry, give me donuts! :( But anyway, that I Know You Were Trouble had seriously stuck in my mind atm (means at the moment, not that automatic teller machine). But do you guys check that Come and Get It by Selena Gomez and Heart Attack by Demi Lovato out?! It's all out and they are all amazing! An imaginable amazingly lyrically beautifully songs that are sang by those beautiful graceful flawless human beings! omgmgomg!!

I think this is just soo over reacting *in those mean girls pronunciation, du-uh*

And do you guys realized that...
Yeah I've changed my url since yesterday. Don't freak out. Yeas I know its been a long time I had that sweet url with 'blueberry' on it. Yes I know you're blaming me for that. Yes I know you gonna go to twitter or facebook and ask me why. Ok. You want to know why? Seriously? So kepo man xD ok just kidding lah you. Because I love candies and candies are just so sweet as sweet as me and I wanted to have candy machine you have to find out yourself and why you think you'd like to have a candy machine in your house and realize this question is just so stupid and I realize that I'm stupid so pardon my stupidness masteuh.

So I'm laughing here. I know I'm crazy. I know you say I'm stupid. So stop reading this sentence, omg. Omg did you guys just realize I'm just sooo kray-zay?! But me so amazing and Niall winking his eyes like-

asDfdaSfSDFADjfGKHdfdadjLF ♡ 

So, do y'all remember about that FemInd Project about Earth Hour in my last entry?! So do I. And btw the video id out already, yaay. I just sooo not updated with all of this because I barely surf on to the internet except if I got some time. So btw this is the videooo! Omg kyaa, I think this is soo cool. And try to spot me with my ugly mushroom lamp xD And btw this video is made by that gracefully beautifully girl that just flew from the heaven named kak insBtw go check the video out!

So thank you so much Kak Ins and all FemInd bloggers members that joining that project, hehe. I think that's all, kbye :)