13 April 2012

When Your Vacation Started

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Bonjour .

I'am really busy this days and never had time to update my blog. And now, *tratakdungces* I'm in my way to the most amazing vacation ever. Nahh, it isn't really great like what are you thinking of. I know it was 9 days full-holidays and 4 days, I took a chance to visit Indonesia. BUT, after that we had CPC (Cambridge Primary Checkpoint). It was like UASBN in Indonesia. So, i don't have a very great time in the holiday. Forget about the second up sentence there =,=  

Did you heard yesterday's news about Aceh? It was really bad. I almost cried because of many things. I never watch news in TV because I always watched cartoons haha. So, I opened my twitter last time and heard about that news. My friend also searched the verses in Qur'an about that day...
Al Hijr ayat 38:  Artinya "Sampai hari yang telah ditentukan (kiamat)." ( Seperti jam gempa = 15:38)
Surat Hud (11) ayat 4. "Kepada Allah lah km kembali, dia maha kuasa atas segala sesuatu." (tanggal gempa 11-4)
Everyone, pray for Sumatera and Aceh. Pray for their safety. Little thing can changes many thing, they need your help. And see the road in Aceh, it had a big crack...

Au revoir~

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#Prayforaceh u.u

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#PrayForSumatera :'(