18 April 2012

Something To Read

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Bonjour .

I knew you all had a best friend or may be bestfriends. Did you? But, did you all knew what is all about? And, do you all know how to be a really care friend? If yu said that this post was really stupid so go to your bed then fell asleep until hundred years. Haha, you thought it was real? It was only... ‘just kiddo’ thingy-_-

 For me, ‘best friend’ is a person who cares about you. They willl do anything for you. The won’t leave you alone in the dark place without lights. They are the person who really love you as their friend. They won’t changed your place with any valuable thing like Blackberry, iPad, or iPhone. What about you? What ‘friend’ means for you?

I had friend (you thought I don’t have?). She was a very good best friend. She is my best friends since we were grade three. We were in the same table for almost one year. And ofc we know each other. She was really care about me. Everyday, we arrived at school almost at the same time everyday. Nad, her kindness? I couldn’t say in words. All of my classmates liked her as a good friend. She is flawless and incredible, no one could hate her.

I felt honored to be her friend, her best friend, and so, my four other bestfriends. Haha, we were six and did you know it? I loved all of my bestfriends. They coloured my world with their jokes, laugh, smile and they  light up me like no one else. They are imperfections. Thanks.

I couldn’t be here without you all. You raise me up, so I could climbed my dream. And so, my beloved classmates in Indonesia. Never give up at anything. I still looking forward for your NEM. Don’t forget to make me, and the teachers there proud. Luck for you all. And you, who read this silly post in front of the monitor.

Au revoir~

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