1 Februari 2012

Flashbacking !

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Bonjour . Anyways, that GIF actually 100% made by Sintya  a.k.a. me used photo from google.com and font from dafont made in Photoscape . Happy new month everyone ! I don't do valentine okay, because we're moslem. Moslems don't do valentine . Btw this mont my sister; Lettha, will have a happy bierthday at 22nd of February, wish her something :)

Sorry, I didn't update for a long time . Now, I active in The Sims Social, Twitter and Heello. Catch me @Sintya_Swasthi17 in heello and @Sintya_Swasthi in twitter. Because I have no idea what I should write, so seriously, now I want to post some flash-backing . Ya know, when I was childhood and bla bla bla . 
This photo are taken when i was very little and well, it's not like a ROLE MODEL . Bwahaha, I was just like a villains! I feel so freakin' out when my family posted this on facebook! I feel so shame . But it's cute and funny too . There are so much more, in my childhood albums . Wanna see ? Just come to my house ... And don't think this is real !  
This photo are taken when I was a forth grader . Ah, I feel I want to cry . The forth grade is the best time ever in my life ! Can you catch me in there ? One of my friend hide my face ! Whatthe .
This is me, this is real . Me with my sisters . I look so ugly, anyway, this photo remind me to the bad story . When Mount Merapi wanna throw somethin' out from its hole ! That night, I dreamed I was in Sydney and sleep tight and I heard somethin' like rock fallin' down. GRETEK GRETEK! I feel, what is that? Uh, that time in my dream, I think that's snow because I'm in Sydney . So, I just wake up and my mom went to my bedroom . Then I sleep, and the next morning, we are evacuated to my granny's house . Actually, its okay, to stay at home, but we are afraid with all of that . And this photo are taken in the next day of the new year 2011 . In Mount Merapi , don't think we take photo inside that mount!

OMG, my little sister are now watching Narnia #1 when Aslan is die . I heard da creepy sounds and the bad White Witch . Oh, how I hate that witch! Ok What so ever . Now, all is so far so good . Next week, we starting to go to school . That's all.

Au revoir~

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Ratri Sekar~ mengatakan...

sintya sama adeknya mirip beett xD

Sintya Swasthi♥ mengatakan...

eh, enggak lho . Mbak ratri orang pertama yang bilaaang xD