7 September 2012

It Doesn't Matter



When you look at the sky, you will see the birds passing by. When you look at the road, cars, buses, motorcycles are there. I want to see the whole world without any interruption. A class is worth a good words. So does the students inside. We need a second chance darling.

Everyone worth a second chance, but not for the same mistake. It's the forth day I walked to my class in International Islamic School. My bus stopped at the moment to drop the students inside at the morning. I went to the canteen to see my friend. A beautiful girl named Sharifah. She always and always will be the first seventh grader student who go to school. She's always punctual. 

I love my school. I love my friends. I love my class. But why do people thinks our class is the one who gets so much comment? I mean this is only the forth day and here, we need time to adapt with our school, teachers, and the hard subjects. Even my friend think so. My class have so many noisy boys, they got punish; either girls. The boys lied that it's break time and they even swear; the girls felt shame because of skipping class. We are one family, if one noisy, we all get punishments. 

People keep changing class because of this. I know Farabi students are obedient and nice. But look the positive thing from Ghazali class. Not all the students are bad and noisy. We need a second chance. To change our class to be better. We all wanted the best, but people keep saying the negative things about our class. I hate that. If people keep changing, so how do our class will be the best?

Life isn't as sweet as nutella. Life is also isn't as bad as you're thinking. Life is life. I have my life, you have your life. Life to the fullest and make it full of achievements and happiness. Don't let the sadness erased your bright smile. Be happy :)   

I just want to thank my friend for making me and my seat-mate; Sabrina laugh out loud. This human making us laugh until we cry. This human also always making us smile, this human entertain us from the depression of the seventh grade matters. This human always made us full of happiness, I'm beyond thankful to have this human as part of my class, 7 Al Ghazali.

It doesn't matter actually for me to be a part of Ghazali. I'm proud. I have friends that are not really serious, but they shouldn't do that actually. But I like how they made the class seem so special. It doesn't matter what class are you in, the matter is about the mark you'll get at the end of the year. It doesn't matter your bestfriend are in the same class with you or not, the matter is how you'll keep your relationship to your friend. Isn't? :)

I also wanted to tell you a story... no its not a story. It's non-fiction guise. Sabrina. She WAS my seat-mate until the forth day of the first week of school, today. You know, because of the Ghazali matters; noisy and blah blah blah. But I keep trying to think the positive things. With or without Sabrina; your class worth a big smile from the teachers. Just do your job perfectly perfect and live to the fullest. Think before you judge. Think twice because you only live once. Do something nice and useful before you regret it at the future. :) 

No sweeter harmony than the sound of laughter. –Sebastian (Little Mermaid Series)

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