19 September 2012

Boredom Attack.


 I'm here, yes I'm here, sitting in front of my laptop, er not exactly my laptop. I'm sharing this laptop with my family, so it's illegal to say that this is mine. So, now ACTUALLY I have to do my Arabic homework. But who cares if I spent a bit longer in front of the computer to write a post? :p 

Andd, yesterday, I'm so bored to do my English homework, studying Science about cells (yohooo, yippiee :D) and in a process memorizing Surah Al-Mulk. Like why do I have to do as much as thattt. This made me crazy, stressed, a bit abnormal (?), but I don't have mental problem okay. I'm just sick of this whole work! I know this is for me, and this is useful. But when will I get relaxed? -_- then I decided to capture some things with my camera that suddenly have magic. It's not that I'm a witch or something like that, but suddenly, when I used that camera, the background is blurred! :D And here's some skillz I got guise....

Well, I'm not the pro but I think this is pretty good. Actually, I wanted to join the Photography club, but I think Living Skills class would be nicer. I also doesn't want to be the only 7th grader in Photography club! -_- I really wanted to take pictures of my friends, Insya Allah will do it later on when we have an event. My teachers said, there will be a Green Campaign, named 'Amazing Greens Buffet' where we have to eat veggies! Aw ow ouw._. Whatsoever, so, this is mah skill prends, and I think I have to go now, still doing my Arabic homework now, mwehehe. :p 

Whoop wait a sec guise, the second last and the last photo made me remember of my old Science teacher, Mr. Daz. Pretty nice name right? My friends called him Mr. Deiji but he wanted to be called Mr. Daz :p and now, he's moving.... only two weeks we met him, and he moved on Friday :( So sad, right? Yes it is...

We will remember you Mr. Daz, forever and everrrr, thanks for teaching us these two weeks :')


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Zara Zayna mengatakan...

Nice picture, Sintya! ;)

Sintya Swasthi mengatakan...

Thank youu :)