31 Oktober 2011


Hi, all. :D So long, not update my blog. 3 days ago, from yesterday, I go to a camp in my school. It's so useful for my last exam in grade 6. Same like UASBN in Indonesia. But here, we call it CIPP (Cambridge International Primary Progamme). I fell so excited there! This camp is so really-really NICE and so COOL!

First, day, in the night, we have uhm... NIGHT WALKING! I hate this one, so much. We have to walk in the dark forest alone!! We just h ave 1 small candle. I got some crazy action! Make me SUPERB SHY. I feel like, a baby! Ah... nevermind about me. Continue..

In the next day, we have many workshop to do. The teachers give us motivation about how we can learn well and how we can do the best for our school and family, etc.  The most exciting workshop is SCIENCE. Because, we CRY. even the BOYS. because, My teacher, give speech about PARENTS. Make us realy-realy CRY. we remember about our parents, their face, their sacrified.  Uh.. that's all is so COOL :DAnd we have,  FLYING FOX! THE BEST, AND COOLEST ACTIVITY I EVER HAD IN THIS CAMP! Flying Fox is SO COOL! SUPER! This is my first flying fox in my life. Is so SCARY and so COOL! :D

The last day, we have swimming. But I don't care about swimming. because... I... FLU! is so BAD. And it's so lazy to swimming, because we also have to pack our roller bag :D
Okay, done. Bye...

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