16 Maret 2013

So I Don't Know What To Type.


1:30pm - Remind yourself that you're not a monkey.

Oh, hey. Kaomoji emoticon
Long time no see.
What? You're asking why can't I update my blog?
It's not my fault, ok.
Blame the school for giving me too much homeworks.
Sokay enough of all of this trashy stuff.Kaomoji emoticon

So there are five new students in my class. 2 Thai (Yuhunny a.k.a. the cool girl and Mayrika a.k.a the sweet girl), 1 Korean (saifullah a.k.a. the only person in my class that washed his wallet with his shampoo) and 1 Indonesian (Nobel a.k.a I don't know so much about him). And they all are just okay, yeah they are fine. So..... this is getting lame isn't it. Kaomoji emoticon But the horrible things happened in this week are uncountable; I left my wallet at the school bus, I left my communication book (read: the most precious thing a student mush have) two times (today is the second time) and I have to join two mathematics competitions. Or you can say one math competition (and it is really very hard for this monkey) and one Mathematics Olympiad. You feel me? Okay, maybe not. Kaomoji emoticon

So here is the list of people that joining the math stuff (I'm not really sure though):
  • Me :)
  • Sana
  • Rafii
  • Daffa
  • Zaky
  • Nobel
  • Nabile
  • ......and I'm sorry, I think I forgot. hehehe :b

So whatsoever, on last week, I think on Tuesday, we have Green Campaign; Fruity Tuesday. So the morning started with this chinese men giving a really you know, inspirative presentation and funny too though, about foods in the school canteen. Like, what food is healthy and what is not. Kaomoji emoticon

And yesterday, we just had a very very very very very nice presentation (or may I say amazingly wonderful) from the girls (I think they are in the university, but I'm not sure). They are talking about how muslim women should be. Muslim women should 'cover' their aurat, not 'wrap' it. It is VERY INSPIRATIONAL and thanks to them, because I skipped the first period of my class. Hohoho. Kaomoji emoticon

And other thing that I should say is that I don't really know why my class (read: 7 Al-Ghazali) get so very awesome. The are just so hilarious and I can't explain a thing. :'D I'm really happy because I'm a part of them (which means I'm awesome too though). And I'm truly blessed to have them in my life. Alhamdulillah. Subhanallah. I'm just so happy, I can't explain... Kaomoji emoticonKaomoji emoticon

This get so very awkward.....
And I don't know what to do.....
So okay, bye I think?
Ok byeee.

[P/S] Pardon me for this annoying post. :)
[PPS] I don't know when I'll come back :(
[PPPS] Sorry for random emojis Kaomoji emoticon
[PPPPS] Pardon me for this annoying PS :)

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