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1:06pm - Remind yourself, if you won't believe, things wont be in your way.

Typing the very first post on 2013. Shame shame shame on me. But its still no better than the previous day. The school had jailed me for two weeks only for papers to determine what's the best mark I can get after 6 months and teachers had given us memorandum before with "Examinations Schedule" as the title. Been surrounded by thick books and a tsunami of worksheets and tests. Satisfied or not satisfied, on Friday, 18th of January, teachers will hand us the result. So destiny says no to internet. But now, destiny says its holiday and I can do anything in my freedom time. I can actually free. 

I'm trying to make memories, but destiny says no. Ok, flashback time. I thought became an average 7th grader that now haunt the secondary building is better than became an average 6th grader that haunt an average class, an average primary school. Destiny always says no. No no no. People always blamed others. People know other people's flaws but didn't recognize theirs. People always thought they are better than the others and deserved to be the big boss. People judge the others before they know much about others and doesn't even know what are they going through. Liars, liars everywhere. Telling untrue news, gossips, slander, backbit. People thinks they are beautiful. They are, but outside. Not inside. Not their soul.

This situation is too difficult for a skinny-glasses-girl like this ok. First week I think it's great. New friends. New teachers. New memories to be framed. New world. New subjects to be learnt. New type of papers to work out. New things. New building. New new new at everything. But now it's worse. Worse. I don't want to stay like this and stand up to the truth. But everybody seem refused to face the bright side. I don't understand why is this happened to me. But but but at everything. Oh oh oh why and why and why. 

Can everyone just face the truth? Can everyone just accept who are they friends and their personalities and stop dealing with dramas? Like seriously, this isn't a drama school. An for your information; I'm just a stupid little kid. I make mistakes, nobody is perfect though. Can you just give me another try? Because I believe in second chances, but not the third or fourth. Am I not human? because I believe I am. I'm not a robot, I have feelings. You can judge me. Judge me the way you like. 

And I'm trying to open my friend's heart lately. She's pretty? She is. She has many boys who admired her personality outside? Yep. She is one of the most popular girl on your grade? Yep. She has a great personality in front of people? Yep. But she has a really bad personality behind your back, cheat on tests and always pretending that she doesn't know the truth and also tell lies? Exactly, exactly, exactly. That's why people quoted "Don't judge a book by its cover". Don't judge people by their outside beauty and by their personality in front. But judge people by what are they doing behind your back, and remember judge people after you look in the mirror and see how screwed up you are.

But after all of this dramas, I got my lesson. When you want to change other people, you need to change yourself to be better. And if you think that someone is your best friend and you actually hated them because they are evil, why don't you just confront them and pull them into the right way. If they are your best friends isn't it correct to bring them to the right way? 

Oh and by the way, this post is too long to read and I think you may skip some paragraphs or words, or even skip the whole thing and only read this paragraph. It's ok for me though. Like, I don't care if you guys won't read my long post or not, or even read the title and directly head to the chatbox after opening my url. But the only thing I cared about is how I can improve my writing and flashback-ing though. And I think I will change my theme back to blogskins, because I like simple. Simple is better. But I'll think about it later, I gonna miss this theme, hehe. And now I'm obsessed with tumblr. Don't ask me why, it's the destiny's rights though. :)

1:26pm - Remind yourself, if you won't believe, things wont be in your way.

P/s: moving my cursor and click "publish" button is harder than I thought.

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