24 Maret 2012


بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Bonjour .
Hey guys, just trying to update my blog. Seriously, this is one of those useless entries xD I don't know what to do, hahaha. Anyway, Thursday last week, in the school we had a fantastic Colourful Around The World event. It was so amazing! I met many people around the world. From Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Morocco, Uganda, Somalia until China. There are one group per country, then they will perform some fantastic things! The China group, they dance with the long stick and wore 'I love China' shirt. It's the coolest show ever! 

Pity me, I couldn't able to watch Indonesia performance! I had to see my teacher and learn -,- it's okay, but the nicest one is I can take a pic with the tiger from the China group! So excited:
This photo is in the class, gahh! seriously, this is so random! From the right, she is Riha from Bandung, Zahra from Iran, and the mysterious girl from Jogjakarta.
Well, actually I had more photos, but because they were inside my mobile phone, so I couldn't. O-oh, I forget to announce that,
Sorry for those who asked me to follow back. I think is not fair, follow people for only get their follow back? Better you don't follow me if you want my follow back only. Anything is depends on my mood and you can't change that~ thanks for read this useless entry.

Au revoir~

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Ratri Sekar~ mengatakan...

eh itu temen sekolah dari sana apa gimana? :O wawaaa ada orang jogja ^^

Sintya Swasthi♥ mengatakan...

Dari sanaaa~ ahahaha iya dong ~(^_^~)