13 Agustus 2011

Award Again! #alhamdulillah

Hey, all! ^_^ The last posting I write is in 1 week ago, right? I don’t remember... :P
Yeah, someone that named Syippha; little girl with black and long hair. Give me an award! XD Yay! Jyeah, Syippha is a nice girl! And so creative. She’s help me when I ask something, or I have a prob in my blog. Alhamdulillah. I have a friend like Syipha. J
This is the award:

Thank’sSyippha. Jand thank you readers and followers! X) I can’t be like this without u all!
And, I think I will give this award to:
1.      Sist Anka (again)à the nice and beautiful girl in my family. I don’t remember, she’s my cousin,  or something. But she still my family. J
2.      Sist Mentarià My sister. But not my real sister. My cousin. Yea. J Congrats. But, her blog is still thin. Not many posting there. But, I think, her blog is good. I hope, you have many followers, posting, and can go to Paris, France, someday.. ^w^
3.      Someone
4.      Someone.
5.      Someone.
6.      Someone.
7.      etc someone. Until 10
Ugh, I can’t choose! All blog are nice! Right? So, I think tom I will give the ‘someone’s name’ okay? And I not already give the name. In older award, right?Uh. If u have a blog, gimme! Cause, u can be the winner (have the award).  Just tell me! J Okay, I think, thet’s all enough. See u later… J No no! I forgot to write the rule! And, jejejeng.
The rule, is:
#If u get the award from me… say thank’s with me in your blog
#Don’t forget to leave a message in my blog, in shoutbox of course
#Put in your blog
#If u not accept the award… Tell me something in my shoutbox.
#Give this award to 10 blogends.
(If u ask: what is blogends? Blogends=blogger+friend)
#Don’t forget to give your blogends description


Sorry if my English bad. I can’t speak English very well like u all -_-
Okay, if u say so (say what?!) bye-bye. -w-

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