25 Desember 2015

Bali & Lombok Trip: Be Happy.


So today is my real holiday. Real holiday? Yep.
Holiday was actually started last week, but it doesn't feel like it though.

This morning I actually slept late because I was stalking Jack Johnson and Niall Horan, you know la how irresistible they are like du-uh. Then, I woke up like, at 4am. Then things happened.. then suddenly, here I am in Pandawa Beach, Bali. It was super hot I wish I had bought a sunglasses and brought my sunblock :( The beach was vvvvery clean and the water is crystal clear. The calming waves could make you forget about time.. and forget who you actually are, No, the last part is just a joke.

I was really happy. At last I could feel this freedom. The freedom I used to have whenever I went to the beach. Not my daily school day delirium stress. I think I was pressured, it's hard for me to gain weight and happiness. Or maybe I think, I think too much. Hm.

Idk but my trousers looks like my pajama? If you think so, then you are wrong. Btw, pardon my face. It was real hot and I can't think of a better pose. But at least I'm happy and that is the most important part of a holiday should be. Not a pressured holiday when you think that you are being tied to a pole and you can't go anywhere, because you had so much responsibilities. And you can't run from it.

Okay my last sentence, was kind of creepy, but don't get me wrong.
I've felt the same thing.

When I was on some holiday, our deadlines and responsibilities were like chasing us and we can't run from it. We just got to do it. I couldn't have a quality time with my family or pals at that time. And I was really messed up and I couldn't contron my frustration and I was so sick. I meant, my soul is sick. I meant, Idk I made those words up. But the thing is, I used to be exhausted of getting stressed out.

Well it's actually until now. But happily I had found my medicine.
  • The sight of sunsets,
  • The blue sky,
  • The calming sound of the waves,
  • The soft ocean wind, and
  • The smell of the ocean
Everyone can be depressed, yet they have so many different ways to overcome their problems. What's your medicine?

Anyway, back to my recount text(?)
The hot sun had given me a decision to buy this beautiful creature. And look how cute my thumb was.

Can you see how imperfect this creature is? It wasn't in a proportional shape. It's not perfectly straight. But it could make people happy effortlessly. It spread good vibes that people doesn't even care anymore about how it looks like. Whatever it shape was, it will always taste the same. (Yeh except if you buy different kind of ice cream, ofc). As long as you do good, the good thing itself will come back to you eventually. But remember, don't struggle to please everyone.

After some more ice cream photoshoots, we decided to continue our trip to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Bali is only a rest area. Excuse me, rest? My actual destination was Lombok. Btw I'm gained weight so much, le cries.

Me doing crepe endorsement ft. sendal jepit & 'lil sister
After a long tiring and vvvvery hot afternoon, I was seated on an ATR, where I found the most magnificent views I've ever seen but suddenly and sadly my camera battery ran out when that view was on the other side of the plane window :(((((

And I was like,

Okay whatever but just look at this.
Flight from Bali-Lombok.

Anyway it's 11.51pm already, and I'm so dem tired.
See you soon.

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Febby Aurora mengatakan...

Sudah lama ga blogwalking, masih ingat aku ngga ya? hehe^^ anyway nice postssss <3

Beeha Azman mengatakan...

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Sintya Swasthi mengatakan...

Kak Febby yaampun so long no seeee :') aku juga jarang ngepost nih wkwk mau coba aktif lagii. Lah masih inget dong :3

Syamsid Dhuha mengatakan...

Haha wait your trouser looks like pyjamas ? . Hurm I don't think so because it looks very good on you . *What the hell I'm talking about fashions now . Haha . Those ice cream looks promising ! When I was on vacations on Phuket , Thailand last month , I saw a muslim girl sell Ice cream with chocolate chips in it . Well in south east asian like our country , when the hot day and we do a good msg at the beach , when my tounge start licking those ice cream if feels like "I'm at the top of this world" yahoo . Haha Well it seems like I need a vacations now , Bali sounds fun . Nice Article btw :D

My blog link -> Syamsid Blog - >

Sana AW mengatakan...

Woah. I thought you stop posting. I really miss you. The last time we met was around 3 years ago. How are you?

Ersintya Swasthi mengatakan...

I'm fine Alhamdulillah..
I did but then I decided to start posting again...

Ratri Sekar~ mengatakan...

SINN KANGENN:))) ternyata kamu masih aktiff XD ciee ke bali, aku liat foto eskrimnya jd pengen bgt:") ngepost terus ya XD

Sintya Swasthi mengatakan...

Iyaaa nih mencoba ktif lagi kak rat omeji sudah lama kumenelantarkan :(